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  • Welcome to Murchison Offroad Adventures
  • Welcome to Murchison Offroad Adventures
  • Welcome to Murchison Offroad Adventures
  • Welcome to Murchison Offroad Adventures
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Murchison Offroad Adventures

Murchison Offroad Adventures Let the Adventure Begin!!

Call us at:

0 899331050

Mud Nutz and fourbys



WHEN;      Anzac longweekend 23rd - 25th April 2016

WHERE:    Murchison Offroad Adventures, Coolcalalaya road , Northampton


Tickets Purchased prior to 20th April

Weekend Pass - includes camping friday, saturday and sunday nights and gives you full access to the whole event over three days

Adult                               $99

Child ( 13 - 17 yrs)          $55

Family ( 2A 2C)              $220


Cildren 12 and under - free

Day Pass - NO camping included, gives you full access to the event on ONE day only

Adult                                    $77

Child ( 13 - 17yrs)               $44

Family   ( 2A 2C)                $180

Children 12 and under - free


Tickets purchased after 20th April and at the gate

Weekend pass

Adult                                      $120

Child (13 - 17yrs)                   $75

Family                                   $330


Children 12 and under - free

Day Pass

Adult                                       $85

Child ( 13 - 17 yrs )                $60

Family  (2A 2C)                     $199

Children 12 and under - free



*     VIP tickets and or ticket confirmation must be produced at the gate to collect your wrist band, no access to the mud arena will be permitted without wearing a wrist band, photo ID may be required

*     Every person on the property MUST sign a waiver form, failure to do so will result in eviction from the property

*     Entry into the competitions is free and only valid when you have purchased a ticket. There will be no entry into the competitions alowed on the day

*     Dogs are welcome

*     BYO alcohol is allowed at your camp site and in the mud arena, the bar & grill, rodeo ,  two up arena etc are licenced areas and BYO is NOT allowed. Signage will be in place and this is not negotiable

*    The event director has absolute discretion to make changes to the event, itinerary, event dates and in all matters, there will be no refunds under any circumstances.

*     Campsites will be allocated on a first come first served basis